Real Estate Photography Lake Monticello

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Great Lake Monticello Home

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Getting Your Home Ready For Photos

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By , January 30, 2013

In order to make the most of our photography experience with you,
we have some tips to help you get ready.
Outside Your Home:

  • Put away trash cans, gardening tools, hoses, etc.
  • Be sure grass has been recently mowed, flowerbeds weeded, bushes trimmed & yard waste disposed of.
  • Store/stash away children’s toys & bikes.
  • Pick up pet toys, droppings, and food/water bowls.
  • Position patio umbrellas up,  un-stack chairs, and remove hot tub covers.
  • Be prepared to remove vehicles from driveways on day of photo shoot (and, if possible, not directly in front of the house on the street – they will be seen in photos taken from the inside looking out).
  • For the best results, please let your real estate agent know what time of the day the sun is facing the front of your house (morning, noon, late afternoon) – we will aim for taking pictures during this time frame.

Inside Your Home:

  • Turn on all lights and replace any missing or burned out bulbs.
  • If you have hardwood flooring – give them a once over with a conditioning product for a nice shine.
  • Living/Dining Rooms:  De-clutter your fireplace, mantle & book shelves.
  • Kitchen:  Buyers love to see nice kitchens:  make sure you clean everything you can off your countertops to show as much space as you can – if you must leave appliances out and on the counters, make sure they are clean and polished.  Take everything off your refrigerator (magnets, things stored on top, etc).  Put away trash cans and pet food/water bowls.
  • Bedrooms & Offices:  Pickup laundry, make bed, vacuum all floors, and de-clutter book shelves.  Tidy up office/workstations:  temporarily stash piles of papers out of sight.
  • Bathrooms:  De-clutter and clean countertops and mirrors.  Hang fresh towels on towel bars and close
    toilet lids.
  • Laundry/Utility Rooms:  De-clutter and clean countertops.  Fold and put away piles of laundry.

Family Pets:  For safety reasons we ask that your pets be placed in a safe, locked area of your home or the garage during the photo shoot.


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